Life through My Glasses
Collected Poems, 1950–2011
Herbert Siegel



Life through My Glasses, a new collection of poems by Herbert Siegel, combines two additional art forms for added dimension and meaning, resulting in a unique approach, more functional than poetic icons of earlier eras.


Original paintings and illustrations allow book lovers to visualize the subject of a poem, and selectively inserted “call-outs”—used ubiquitously by journalists—engage the reader in the poet’s choice of a formal structure or free verse.


This, his fourth collection, presents a contemporaneously written continuum of life ensconced in many forms of poetry, including universal observations of nature, ancient storytellers, gastronomy, and biographies—usually ending with a touch of sardonic humor.


“Life through My Glasses is beautiful … an intriguing form combining poems in an unusual shape, comparing life and nature … nature and resurrection … life immortal. I cannot add or take away from this masterpiece.”

—Yvonne Byrd, 2006 Senior Poet Laureate of Texas


“Life through My Glasses reads beautifully, Herb. It’s a grand finale for your book … a masterpiece.”
—Dr. Kim Gorman, University of Kentucky, University of Houston


“I have to say I feel enriched and inspired having read through your work. Thank you so much!”
—Andrea Strudensky, DLitt, faculty, Vanier College, Montreal, Quebec

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